About BSJP

Brown Students forJustice in Palestine (BSJP) is a group standing in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for liberation. ln fighting for a more just and equal society, our group takes a firm stance against discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, social class, religion or ability.

BSJP was formed in 2009, following Israel’s bombardment and ground invasion of Gaza. Today, we are one of over a hundred student groups nationwide involved in Palestinian solidarity work.

As we began to think of ways of expressing solidarity through direct action, we wanted to interrogate our own complicity – as students in a US university context – in Israel’s human rights abuses.

Understanding our institutional role in enabling the illegal Israeli occupation, BSJP has launched a campaign calling on our university to stop funding violations of human rights and international law in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. We are committed to ending Brown University’s investments in companies that profit from the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian Territories and facilitate or undertake acts of violence against Palestinian and Israeli civilians.

We strongly believe that the struggles of oppressed peoples are intimately connected, and, while we focus on solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for liberation, we stand in solidarity with other movements for liberation.

7 responses to “About BSJP

  1. What a bunch of scum you are
    It’s one thing to attack Israel, but now you are attacking Hillel and targeting American Jews. This may work on college campuses, but when you get in the real world and start attacking American Jews, you’re going to find out that we won’t take your shit laying down.

  2. Mr Dubroff, those kinds of threats are not likely to serve you well, nor the issues you care about. It is eerily reminiscent of similarly veiled threats by one Mr Donald Trump. That, I suspect, is why the comment you made has been left for others to see. In case you didn’t figure that out.

    • You’re a bunch of losers. We are going to have a Brown “Palestinian Crimes Against humanity Week” to point out the repeated suicide bombings, knife attacks, car attacks, rocket launches at schools, use of children as human shields, firing artillery from hospitals, exploitation of children as suicide bombers, abuse of women, abuse of LGBT people by Palestinians.

    • HI Richard. I apologize for my irrational statements and apologize to anyone offended. What I would like to say is this: I agree that the occupation has gone on to long and needs to end. I also respect that organizations like SJPl obby for thier position on this issue.

      My concern is that by boycotting and protesting the speakers of Jewish groups like Hillel, it drives a wedge between two groups who should be working together to help advance a realistic solution to the conflict.

      In addtion, as Person who was subjected to anti semitism during my youth, experiencing having rocks thrown at me, beatings and even being stabbed, I realize there are people out there in this Country who despise Jews and Muslims and would like to see all of them kicked out of this Country. All one has to do is look at Charlttesville Virginia and the election of Trump to see how pervasive this attitude really is. Jews and Muslims need to work together to fight these forces and protect our right to be here.

      Again I deeply apologize for my previous rant.

  3. With the world-recognized terror organization, Hamas, running the government in Palestine, the agenda is to eliminate Israel.
    If Israel were to lay down their arms tomorrow, there would be no Israel.
    If Palestine were to lay down their arms tomorrow, there would be world peace!

  4. As a brown alum and a frequent critic of Israeli policy especially in regard to settlement I am embarassed to have your groups name attached to my school. Extremism and blind ideology never helps a cause; rather it turns reasonable people away. Your logic is hypocritical in denouncing a state for alleged criminal actions while giving a pass to all the other states in the Middle East that are repressive, homophobic, antisemetic, anti-women, and often brutal. Your stance contradicts the more nuanced reality of what is transpiring in the Middle East and rather creates an evil vs good scenario, much like hateful right wing thinkers have done throughout history. As a progressive Jew and a recepient of an education at Brown that enables me to understand the complexity of the world, I see you as no different than the gun slinging ultra orthodox who hold out in the West Bank and destroy any reasonable attempts to put refonciliation over hate. Parochial thinking of the kind you preach is anit-intellectual, anti-free speach, fictional, and atithetical to progress. Your diagraceful move to block a progressive speaker from coming to Brown probably turned a few thousand people like me against your cause. When I was at Brown in the 1980s a similar extremist anti-Israel group existed and it only silenced those of us who held positions critical of Israeli policy and alienated many people who agree that change must occur. Extremism of your sort always accomplishes just the opposite of what you intend. Yours is a self serving oranization the cares more about your own egos that any meaningful cause. Sadly its unlikely your minds are open enough to understand that.

  5. Is this site still alive? If so, please contact me. Really. As you (anyone who controls this site) will see, i’m writing from a Brown address.

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